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Independence Empowerment Center directly assists persons with disabilities to establish or maintain lives in the community. We serve and support people with disabilities of all ages to increase and maintain independence. We also assist families and communities.

Peer Mentoring

IEC, in keeping with the Independent Living Philosophy, has a staff that primarily consists of people with disabilities. Peer counseling is ab about sharing and brainstorming with others with disabilities.


IEC’s philosophy is to encourage people with disabilities to realize their power. We educate them and other community members on the civil rights of all people with disabilities.

Information & Referral

Information and Referral Advocates work with participants, their families, and the community to educate, find resources, and make appropriate referrals. IEC has a wide variety of resources and can point people in the right direction to get needed answers.

Independent Living Skills Training

Participants become more independent by learning how to budget, complete forms, interview, and meet other needs specific to each individual that will allow him or her to live independently.

Transition Services

  • Facilitate the transition of individuals with significant disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community-based residences, with the requisite supports and services;
  • Aid individuals with significant disabilities who are at risk of entering institutions so that the individuals may remain in the community; and
  • Facilitate the transition of youth who are individuals with significant disabilities, who were eligible for IEPs under section 614(d) of IDEA, and who have completed their secondary education or otherwise left school, to postsecondary life.

Medicaid Waiver Services

Perform assessments evaluating needs, obtaining authorizations for needed in-home services, reviewing care needs, and providing management training to self-direct care, and maintain a personal assistant registry.

Emergency Preparedness

IEC Staff encourages you to be in charge of your own emergency preparedness.

Prepare your own “To Go” kits. Be sure to include medications and a list with dosages; glasses; hearing aid batteries; important phone numbers; medical insurance cards; small food items and water. Keep this bag in a place that will be accessible to take with you in an emergency.

Energy Share

For assistance with utility bills, please contact a Facilitator.